Autumn in Tokyo

As I saunter through my third autumn in Tokyo, I can’t help but wonder if this time of year has crept it’s way to being my favorite time of the year. As I write this, I am sitting on the floor of my living room; my sliding door wide open and the sunshine beaming down on my back, warming me to my core. Simultaneously, the crisp, cool air of this beautiful autumn morning cools me to the state of perfection. Daily walks last just a bit longer as I reflect upon life and all of its pleasures and misgivings. The brilliant red of the maples, the luminescent yellow of the gingkoes and all colors in-between provide a perfect backdrop for these ponderings and although answers are not shouted from the treetops, I somehow find peace with it all.




Soon, oh so very soon, the biting cold of winter will dominate and life outdoors will be limited to my short journey to and from work and quick jaunts to the local train station…both of which lead to the cozy warmth of the indoors. However, for now, I will continue to immerse myself in nature’s transition; fighting Yumi for the warm patches of sunlight on my back porch, waiting patiently for Rufus to smell every single fallen leaf on our daily walks, laughing and playing in Nogawa park with friends and wandering aimlessly with myself and all the thoughts that incessantly shadow me.





Happy autumn.




5 thoughts on “Autumn in Tokyo

  1. Really great pictures and a great reflection on the changing season 🙂 For some reason, I’ve noticed the Fall colors more this season as well. It was interesting that the blooms of yellow and orange became more noticeable this year 🙂

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